Weekly meditations and music library that soothes, uplifts and inspires your soul.

Meditation by,

Virginia Scheuer

music by,

Dave Leo Baker

Music that soothes, uplifts and connects you to your soul.

Virginia is here to awaken and ignite the part of you that is your best.

She co-creates with Dave Leo Baker a master composer who uses his expert knowledge in the science of musical vibrations with the body, and aligns this with his intuition to create a unique one of a kind experience for the listener.

Together, Virginia and Dave co-create in Body Soul Studios. This subscription based ever expanding music library is dedicated to allowing you to tap into the heart of who you are, and receive the best life.

Tap into the heart of who you are anytime.

Get inspired in your morning.

Be refreshed in the middle of your day.

Tap into love by the end of a long one.

Be at peace and fall deeply into slumber each night.

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